The Communication Family Babies

Hey Awesome People, I know you miss me. Not just miss me but miss me a lot.

You know, many of us already married and have a little family. Of course by family here I mean children. Let’s take a look of some communication family babies we currently have.

Presenting the twins, Asha and Quisha. They are adorable daughter of our fellow Nadya Seconegoro. Princess Asha and Quisha are indeed the first communication family babies born for class of 2006.

The TwinsSay hello to cute Luh Sattvika Anan, daughter of Kadek Yuni Pratiwi.

ImageAnd not so long ago born a prince called Padi Asakha Pranaja or you can called him Caka. Prince Caka was born in Yogyakarta from an awesome mother, the one and only Pythagora. Today is apparently Pythagora’s birthday, so let’s make a wish for her.


With more fellows got married, the more possibility communication babies will be born. I will update you next who got married.

With Love

Miss Communication

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The Bankers

Good morning awesome people!

How’s your night? I guess you all work weekdays and play harder at the weekend. This post keyword is Bank. I am proudly present our graduates working in bank, let’s call them the bankers. Who are they? You are about to find out in this picture

There there there our talented communication graduates. Apparently we are not only good at speaking and writing but also counting the money and finding client.

I know you are wondering in which bank they are working. To make it interesting, let’s play “Who works for Which”. This is the clue

Guess who works for which!

With Love
Miss Communication

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I Know You Miss Me

Hello again awesome people!!

It’s been a year since my last post. Gosh, time flies so fast. I bet many of you were wondering where was I? Why was I disappear? Believe me, I am not going anywhere. I was doing secret job which giving me headache and back pain. Now I am back after my job finished. There are many things to catch up since my disappearance.

What do you want to know? Let me guess, who’s got married, who found a big job, who works for which company? Hang on there. I have many updates to catch on. Posts will be available soon.

With Love
Miss Communication

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Welcome Freshmen, Bye Bye Graduates

This is August, welcome to the new season of classroom and assignment!
Well, It’s for freshmen and sophomore anyway.

This month I also want to congratulate some of us who will graduate tomorrow. What can I say except welcome to the real life.

I would also want to greet the senior year students who are currently doing their final year assignment a.k.a FYA (or not). Howdy? November and February is waiting for you. For them who not, let’s get out of this university. But how? Do your FYA 😀

And for them who luckily being accepted to communication, welcome to the club freshmen. Enjoy your random activities in the next 3,5 years or maybe longer.

With Love
-Miss Communication-

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Presenting Class of 2006 First Graduate, Qoyyah

Remember the older post called ‘The Girl with The Brain’?

I predicted that girl on the picture will be the one who will finish her final year assignment faster than her counterparts.

And It’s happening.

Today at 1 pm, Qoyyah came out from the department office with a relieving face. And her supporters couldn’t wait to cheer and congratulate her. Yes, she did the final test for her FYA a.k.a UNU 600.

Spotted at the crowd, Vera (Class of 2006) couldn’t hide her excitement to have a picture with Qoyyah

Wish all of students will get easy steps to do their FYA.

With Love

– Miss Communication –

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An Invitation to Layar Tancap

A message just came into my inbox. It’s an event invitation, and the good news is, you are invited people. It’s a movie screening in a vintage way : Layar Tancap. And this is the movie picture

So, you better take this note to your agenda

Date  : Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time : 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Location : San Siro, Fisipol UGM

This invitation presented by Kine Club UGM, Kinoki and Repertoar

Be there people. Bring your minions along.

With Love

– Miss Communication –

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Suspicious Man

Just found out at Twitter Timeline this news.

Apparently, a suspicious man was being seen by our people doing something fishy in our lovely territory, Kepel.

The man dressed in total black outfit, from hat to trouser. This man was seen doing nothing except observing the situation. If you see this person wandering arround Kepel, be brave to contact the security.

Just be careful with suspicious stranger man.

With Love

– Miss Communication –

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